A Few Shots- Photography

Roof Top Action- Photography

These are photos taken here @ Method's roof top. I tried capturing the view, the objects, and some people. Enjoy...

Vikings VS Forty Niners Photography

okay where do I start with this... Okay so we where working on a Gatorade commercial here at Method and I was sent to my very first NFL game, just to take some crowd shots and scoreboards. I had full access to the field and decided to take advantage of it. Im a huge fan of football and to make things even better, Robert Ferguson 89 for the Vikings is one of my buddies i went to High School with and just the coincidence, he played that day against the niner's. I had so much fun taking these photographs and being around some of my fave football players was a blessing and a experience i could never forget!

About this blog

Im a 3D VFX Artist and here you can catch most of my work in the industry as well as some Photography. All of my photography is all personal and nonprofit.