Hello! This post is to show method some love. I have almost been here for 2years and method has been a special place for me since it is the first company to give me a shot as a 3D artist. I got hired out of college and to come to a place like method, I have been very grateful for the opportunity i have been given. I have had so much fun here, and the people that work here are great! and what makes method such a special place besides the work, is the people that work here and what they bring. Method has giving me a home and a future to do big things. This place will always be home to me, and will always carry a special place in my heart. I just want to say thank you! and if you guys would like to see method in a full interview about the studio, and what makes it the special place it is... click here.

Miller Lite "Break From The Crowd"

This commercial was a very special one for me. I got a chance to go to my very first shoot, and not only that, i got to work with Zach Snyder the director of 300 whom also directed this commercial. It was such a great experience to be on set and working on this commercial was lots of fun as well. Massive, Renderman, Maya, and Mental ray where used to complete this commercial. I did some modeling, texturing, and camera mapping on this spot. Like i said, great commercial, and fun to work on! to watch "Break from the Crowd" click here

Pepsi "Pinball"

So here is my very first big commercial i worked on. This one was like a 4 month project that consisted allot of tracking and allot of CG in just about every shot. I did allot of tracking as well as setting up some lighting in the garage shots. This commercial was also nominated for an emmy ward wich was pretty excited to be part of. To watch Pepsi "Pin Ball" click here.

Zune "Academy of Dreams"

This was a fun project i worked on a few months ago. I Did some tracking as well as rigging, animation on the bats, and some slicing on the character. This project was a special one as well, due to the fact that this would be Laurent Ledru BKA Biddy (creative director) last project at Method. He had worked for Method for about 10yrs and now has moved on to bigger things. He was one of my favorite people and I learned allot from him so it was nice to work with him ont his great spot for Zune. To view click here.

Gatorade "League of Clutch - Sidney Crosby"

This is one of my latest pieces of work here at Method. This is my first sports commercials i have done so it was pretty exciting since i love sports. It was tons of fun to work on, and it gave me a chance to work with one of my friends Alexander Lee who i had a few classes with in college and now work together here at method. We had a pretty nice pipeline going to each shot and in the end we finished this project ahead of schedule. To see the 30 second spot click here.


Hello, My name is Felix E. Urquiza. I am currently a 3D VFX artist at Method Studios. I work mostly on commercial work and film as well. Instead of updating my website and going through all the hassle of uploading and stuff, I have decided to blog wich is easier, so i will keep updating all of my most current professional work here. I do allot of personal work work as well, I love to model, texture, and light. All of my personal work will be posted directly on my website so if you are interested in checking that out click here.

About this blog

Im a 3D VFX Artist and here you can catch most of my work in the industry as well as some Photography. All of my photography is all personal and nonprofit.