Audi A4 "Living Room"

As I know many of you have seen this commercial many many times and well i had to show it of a bit more.. This commercial was completed in a very short deadline of two weeks.. We had many artist on the job and it was very intense to finish.. but our thing here at method is that no matter what comes in, it leaves looking "amazing" no matter if its a deadline of 10 days or 3 months.. we got the job done! and this was one of our great challenges to do in such a short span of time and still finish it, looking the way it did. Allot of hard work and sleepless nights went into this project and everyone who worked on this did a FANTASTIC job! As for me I did some kick ass tracking lol.. And i also did some Animation R&D for the dissolves. To watch please click here


Yes! Company 3 and method studios have joined forces to create some of the most amazing work in the market. After 2 years at Method this company has doubled in work and people. We have opened offices in NY, Paris, and London. And with those offices now open we have joined forces with Company3. I am personally excited to see this happen, most MAJOR film work in hollywood goes through company 3 as well as some of the most creative commercials in the market. With methods line of work and company 3's fire in Hollywood and the creative Industry I am truly excited to see what will happen in the near future! To read more about this please click here

Washington Mutual "Human Bowling Ball"

We did a series of spots for Wamu.. They are all pretty outrageous and funny. I worked on this one wehre a guy basically turns into a bowling ball or i should say becomes the bowling ball. It was a pretty enjoyable spot. I did some animation as well as lighting, texturing, shading, and tracking. To view the spot click here and to view all of the other Wamu spots click here

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Im a 3D VFX Artist and here you can catch most of my work in the industry as well as some Photography. All of my photography is all personal and nonprofit.