Discovery Channel Brand "Boom De Yada"

This spot was done for Discovery Channel, and we did allot of tracking for reflections and on some shots there was CG sky, Matte painting, and some CG Lava amongs other few things. I Did some lighting and tracking for the underwater scene, not to crazy doe! I just love this commercial and the song makes it that much better. I hope you guys like this spot as we all did here at Method. To view this spot, please click here.

Little Minx "As She Stares Longingly At What She Has Lost"

So this is my first short film to work on, and i was pretty excited. We worked on this piece for a few months and finished up in December. Phillip Van of Little Minx, was the Director of this project. I got to do some tracking on the hands that included cg liquid to composit the water feel look, mixed with live action. If you would like to see this short film, please click here. Also, if you are interested in looking into Little Minx and there other featured short films including Directors Reels click here.

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Im a 3D VFX Artist and here you can catch most of my work in the industry as well as some Photography. All of my photography is all personal and nonprofit.